Arbore’s Senses

A Multisensory Exhibition

by Paulina Guskowski & Lea Richelshagen

On 23/11/2017 we organized a multisensory exhibition as part of the seminar East Africa: Local Finesse – Global Entanglements. Our aim was to connect two topics that had been presented in the seminar – anthropology of the senses and agro-pastoralism in Arbore (Southern Ethiopia) – in a creative and vivid way. We wanted to achieve this by using methods of the anthropology of the senses to present agro-pastoralism in Arbore and created a concept which addresses all senses known to us. Our focus was on the cultivation of sorghum and cattle husbandry.
We would like to thank Christina Gabbert for providing all objects and photos, as well as for the opportunity to hold such a seminar session. Thanks also to Roman Loimeier for letting us use his room and of course to all our fellow students, who showed great interest and asked many questions.