The Woɗaaɓe

Pastoral Nomads of Southeast Niger

“The Woɗaaɓe (singular Boɗaaɗo) belong to the Fulɓe (singular Pullo), with whom they share the language, Fulfulde, as the most important commonality. As nomads they live in the West African countries Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic.” (Schareika 2003: 68)
“The Woɗaaɓe primarily herd cattle (nagge / na’i) of the Zebu race (na’i boɗeeji) and are known for their special knowledge in this field. Their other domestic animals (mardi) include sheep (mbaalu / baali), goats (mbe’a / be’i) and donkeys (njaakiwa / jaakiiji) as load animals and for riding. While men in central Niger use camels (ngelooba / geeloodi) as animals for riding, the Woɗaaɓe in Southern Niger confined to horses (pussu / pussi) because of their fear of camel thieves.” (Schareika 2003: 69)