Prof. Nikolaus Schareika


Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht

Valérie Liebs, M.A.

Dr. Yazidhi Bamutaze

Research Project

Land Use and Climate Change Impact on Sediment and Nutrient Dynamics in Rwizi Catchment, Lake Victoria Basin


University of Limpopo

Turfloop Graduate School of Leadership (TGSL)

Limpopo, South Africa



Dr. Claudious Chikozho

Research Project

Understanding Land and Water Reform in the Context of Smallholder Irrigation, Food Security, and Agricultural Value-Chains in the Limpopo River Basin, South Africa


Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


Dr. Sidzabda Djibril  Dayamba

Research Project

Restoration and Reclamation of Mined-out Areas and other Degraded Lands for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Development in Burkina Faso:  a Chance for Local People?


Bobo-Dioulasso Polytechnic University

Rural Development Institute

Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Dr. Sabine Doamba

Research Project

Fire Impact on Ecosystem Services in Sudanian Savannas in a Context of Climate Change


Dr. Gilbert Fokou

Research Project

Coping with Pastoral Uncertainties in Post-conflict Context of West Africa: Cross-border Mobility, Institutional Change and Livelihood Strategies of Smallholders in North Côte d’Ivoire


Dr. Tilal Sayed Abdelhalim Musa

Research Project

Sorghum Genotypes, Tillage Systems and Cover Crops for Promotion of Mycorrhiza Responsiveness and Striga hermonthica Management


University of Cape Town

Geographical & Environmental Science

Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Samantha Williams

Research Project

Sustainability of Marine Socio-ecological Systems ‑ Linking Fisheries Livelihood Strategies and Multilevel Governance in the Benguela Upwelling Ecosystem


Dr. Nouhoun Zampaligré

Research Project

Livestock Production Systems in the Defined Pastoral Zones around Protected Forest Areas in Burkina Faso: toward Socio-economic Transformations of Pastoralist Communities’ Livelihoods and Livestock Husbandry Practices