ECAS 2013 5th European Conference on African Studies African Dynamics in a Multipolar World June 27-29 Lisbon

Panel: Crude moves: social fields of global oil

 27 June, 2013 at 11:30


Andrea Behrends (Martin-Luther University, Halle)
Thomas Bierschenk (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz)
Nikolaus Schareika (Georg August University)


Crude oil for global markets brings tremendous change to less or least developed producing countries. The panel seeks to understand the specific dynamics unfolding around oil sites. It aims at combining these insights with new theoretical approaches within the emerging anthropology of oil. Recently, for instance, such well-grounded studies have challenged established theories like that of the ‘enclave economy’ or the ‘resource curse’. Their focus lies, on the one hand, on the interaction of human actors with the materiality and the technologies of oil and, on the other, on social creativity and new forms of practice triggered by oil production. ‘Crude moves’ addresses scholars who study social fields around the production, transport, marketing, contestation or governance of oil and who build on new empirical data in order to present innovative theoretical generalizations in this field of knowledge. We invite papers that focus on particular communities or groups of actors that are affected by oil production and, at the same time, on the interface between their practice and global developments in the particular environment this resource creates. Further fields of inquiry might broach the issues of the workforce, trade, the financial sector, international intervention, but also rebel movements, displacement, migration, youth and others. Particularly interesting, but not exclusively favored, are engagements with Science & Technology Studies and the concept of materiality. More

Chair: Andrea Behrends, Nikolaus Schareika, Thomas Bierschenk
Discussant: Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan, Thomas Bierschenk, Géraud Magrin